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Recently, apathy towards the European Union has grown among the citizens, particularly among the youngest people, with low rates of abstention. A look back to the recent protest movements against the EU shows to which extent there is a growing rejection towards the EU institutions and, in most cases, this departs from a great lack of awareness in our country about the EU. It is in this regard, that we do not only talk about euroskepticism, but also about “eurounawareness”.

Moreover, we should add to this fact that in many cases European elections have become a sort of second-rank elections, where European-wide issues are pushed away from the agenda. With this situation in mind, the campaign #decide what Europe you want arises from the cooperation between the Young European Federalists and the Fundació Ferrer i Guàrdia and aims at:

  • Promoting youth participation in a direct and educational way, through videos, pictures, dialogues, debates and presentations
  • Telling the young people about the importance of their votes in order for their voices to be heard in Europe
  • Increase youth participation at the next European elections
  • Promote a debate about the next European elections focused on European topics

About us

Joves Federalistes Europeus is a member of the European-wide network Young European Federalists (JEF), an association with more than 40 years history in Europe. There are currently eight active sections in Spain. At the same time, JEF is part of the citizens’ platform European Year of Citizens Alliance and works together with the European Movement.

‘Fundación Francisco Ferrer Guardia’ is an NGO with a wide experience in the field of youth and civil liberties, supporting citizen participation as a democratic right and fostering the unification of Europe. The Ferrer Guardia Foundation was created in 1987 and develops projects at the local, european and international level, through the collaboration with other organizations and the support of various institutions, both public and private. Its main activities are: Research and advice work, Organization of activities (workshops, debates), Specialized training and to provide Support and facilities for young organizations and young people. Ferrer Guardia Foundation is also a promoter of a network of more than 180 local organizations and more than 20.000 members in Spain focused on education and young organizations, so the impact of the activities is always wide, multiplying effects.

We would like to thank the organisations who contributed to made this project real: Citizens for Europe and the European Commission through the Youth in Action programme.